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Farm of the Future: What Grows in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas

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Urban Seed Inc. broke ground July 29 on a farming facility just west of the Las Vegas Strip


We are reinventing and revolutionizing the way we grow and provide food from seed to plate. Starting in Las Vegas and moving across the world, our proprietary systems allow us to grow  produce sustainably giving every community the opportunity to access fresh local food.


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Chef Michael Mina

"There is no better way to invest in the hospitality industry than supporting the agriculture that feeds it. As founding members of Urban Seed Inc. advisory board we are passionately exploring the farmer/chef relationship with a goal of changing the industry and the future of our food."


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The future of farming is providing communities fresh local produce grown for the community in a sustainable manner. Increasing yield in a small footprint allows us to get closer to the consumer. This not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also increases taste, nutrition and shelf life. 


40% Less Water Than Hydroponics Icon

Less Water Than Traditional Farming

Urban Seed's vertical hydroponic system uses a nutrient dense solution allowing each plant to reach its full DNA potential. Hand-planted produce that uses less to grow more food.

Highest Yield per Square Foot

Seed-to-Plate Traceability

Urban Seed is vertically intergrated which achieves full seed-to-plate traceabilty. Urban Seed controls the produce all the way to our customers, growing some of the safetest food on the planet. No Recalls!

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Reduction of Carbon Foot Print

Reduction of Carbon Foot Print

Positioned less than 60 miles away from customers, Urban Seed eliminates over 70% of transportation costs.
Being close tastes so good!

Proprietary Technology

Proprietary Technology

Urban Seed designs and engineers technology from seed to distribution. The modular system is quick to deploy, sustainable and a scalable solution.


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Smart Produce

We make sure that we grow what the community wants. We've surveyed top Las Vegas local, national, and international chefs to find out what they want and what they currently can't source. [New Paragraph] Urban Seed is starting with 25+ varieties to showcase how our growing systems can grow a diverse group of produce. As our business expands, our produce list will expand, allowing us to provide our customers with  as much of their produce as possible.

Delivering Freshness to

James Beard Award-winning Chef Shawn McClain curates a fresh, ever-changing menu of contemporary American cuisine with global influences. With artisanal meats, sustainable seafood and farm-to-table produce, it’s simply impossible to go wrong here. Sage dresses up the freshest seasonal ingredients and transforms them into tempting culinary creations that take your taste buds on an adventure of their own.
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We are the evolution of American Cuisine. The Old World colliding with the New in an amazing way. Cookery based upon techniques that date back as early as the 18th century reinvented in a modern manner. America the melting pot of many cultures and great ingredients. The Menu will feature signature items at all times, based upon seasonality, with the ability to highlight dishes on a rotating weekly basis.
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Sparrow + Wolf
Keeping it all in the family, Mary Sue’s husband and Susan’s childhood friend, architect Josh Schweitzer, created the original designs of not only all of the Border Grill restaurants, but also the dishes, glassware, uniforms, and peppermills. The colorful murals are the work of artists Su Huntley and Donna Muir, inspired by the festivals, road signs, and advertisements of Mexico. Mirroring the chefs’ strong, bold take on Mexican street foods, the artists created an equally edgy and contemporary look: an urban cantina.
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We wouldn’t be here without Esther. She wrote the check that sent Chef Trees off to the CIA (after all, someone had to get him out of Alfio’s kitchen). Great-aunt Esther was a tough, smart, no-nonsense type who cared about people and gave good advice. “She was a big support to my mom when I was growing up, and that was huge,” says Trees. “She was always there for us.” When she passed in 2016 she left James a nest egg – the money he needed to finally open his own restaurant.
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Esther's Kitchen
Bellagio welcomes Harvest by Roy Ellamar to Las Vegas. Chef Roy’s market-inspired menu is a breath of fresh air in Las Vegas, meeting the health-conscious demands of today’s travelers and diners while simultaneously delivering fresh, creative dishes that are full of flavor.
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With its classic menu, inviting bar scene and sophisticated atmosphere, acclaimed Chef Michael Mina breaks new ground with his first steakhouse. STRIPSTEAK plays host to guests looking for the perfect filet in a modern alternative to the traditional steakhouse setting for Las Vegas restaurants. As with Mina's other restaurants, STRIPSTEAK uses only the highest quality ingredients — corn-fed, all-natural meat, line-caught seafood and fresh, seasonal produce.
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